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Bhopal – Indore AC Double Decker Express

Bhopal–Indore AC Double Decker Intercity Express), which is going to be running Bhopal-Habibganj Railway Station to Indore. This is the first double decker train which is going to run in Madhya Pradesh. This is now the fastest and the first A.C.express train of madhyaindia (Centralinda). It covers the 240 km distance from Habibganj to indore in 3 hours and 35 minutes. But due to to some technical reasons, the train inauguration was cancelled and trail has been going on. Bhopal railway authority told that they are working for those technical errors and in upcoming months the train is on the track to run

Train: Bhopal–Indore AC Double Decker Intercity Express
Train No: 22185 down 22186 up
Train speed: 110 km/h down and 150 km/hour up

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Partly Cloudy

Humidity 65%

Wind 25.75 km/h

  • 30 Jul 201528°C23°C
  • 31 Jul 201529°C23°C




Humidity 74%

Wind 25.75 km/h

  • 30 Jul 201528°C22°C
  • 31 Jul 201528°C22°C




Humidity 62%

Wind 8.05 km/h

  • 30 Jul 201532°C25°C
  • 31 Jul 201533°C24°C



Mostly Cloudy

Humidity 65%

Wind 8.05 km/h

  • 30 Jul 201529°C23°C
  • 31 Jul 201531°C23°C