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Chat with Foodie & Founder of Indori Zayka Rakesh Dawani

madhyaindia.com Team meets Foodie & Founder of “Indori Zayka” Rakesh Dawani. He is a passionate Foodie & started “Indori Zayka” in 2014 which organises various Food events like Food Walk, Food Blogger Meetups, Food Festivals, Cooking workshops & brings you close to Indori Food

madhyaindia.com: Please tell us about your Childhood Days, School Days & College Days

Rakesh Dawani: I am basically from Indore. I grown-up eating tasty food of Indore. I completed my schooling from St. Paul HS School of Indore in 2011 & BCom from Maharaja Ranjit Singh College of Indore. I am also pursuing CA. So i am a Indorian with passion in Food & Finance


madhyaindia.com: What “Indori Zayka” is all about ?

Rakesh Dawani: Indore can undoubtedly be quoted as the food capital of India. The city that is famous for its food. Whenever you get to hear – Poha, Jalebi, Kachori don’t tell me that you don’t think of Indore and smile. When you live in a food capital it is difficult to explore all the good places and food by yourself. There is always something better out there to try, but we are always limited by the question, “What?” To answer this i started “Indori Zayka”


madhyaindia.com: How idea about “Indori Zayka” came into your mind ?

Rakesh Dawani: I started “Indori Zayka” as a Facebook page back in 2014 with posting about Dishes i ate in Indore & very soon the Facebook page crossed 4000 likes. After that i Launched first volume of “Indori Zayka” book which sold more then 2500 copies till date


madhyaindia.com: You work full time for “Indori Zayka” ? You work alone or you have a Team ?

Rakesh Dawani: I am currently pursuing CA II Group, i work on “Indori Zayka” out of my passion when i get time from my studies. I take support of Freelancers & third party vendors for various programs within “Indori Zayka”

madhyaindia.com: What makes Indore Food Capital of India ? 

Rakesh Dawani: I think its Love of Indorians toward Food & innovation in Food which makes it Food Capital of India. Where else you can find “Bana Hua Samosa” which is already cooked


madhyaindia.com: What is your personal favourite Dish from Indore ? 

Rakesh Dawani: My personal faviourite dishes are Usal Poha & Kebab


madhyaindia.com: Tell us something about “Food Walk”

Rakesh Dawani: Food Walk is a Indore city food tour full of Food & Fun. We starts with breakfast followed with exploring different restaurants & eateries of Indore throughout the day concluding with optional dinner. We taste various dishes of different restaurants with lots of Fun activities. Participants will also get Free “Indori Zayka” T Shirts & can meet lots of Foodies, Food Bloggers & Chefs


madhyaindia.com: What are native dishes of Indore

Rakesh Dawani: Dal Bafla & Poha

madhyaindia.com: Tell us about most Innovative Chef you found in Indore

Rakesh Dawani: I am personally fan of Chef Nishant Shrivastava (Chef Lucky) of “Paratha on Wheels” at Old Palasia & Chef Hema of “The Chat M3″ at 56 Shops. Both really works hard & cooks delicious food

madhyaindia.com: How can one make career in Hospitality Industry (Particularly Restaurants) ?

Rakesh Dawani:All i can say is don’t just make career in Hospitality because you want to make money. It should be your Passion, rest will follow

madhyaindia.com: Thanks Rakesh for your time

Rakesh Dawani: Thanks madhyaindia.com Team

For more information on Foodie Rakesh Dawani & “Indori Zayka” please visit http://www.indorizayka.com/ You can also buy “Indori Zayka” book online from here

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