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Culture of Madhya Pradesh

Culture of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a state which conflux many cultures, religions and traditions.  State has many tribal cultures, which flourishing since age here. India is always being a stage for many and variety of theatre, dance, music and lots of cultural activities of the world. Most of the art and cultural forms evolved in India and contribution of Madhya Pradesh significantly it too.

There are institutes in India as well as in Madhya Pradesh for culture and art development and preservation like Artist Combine (Gwalior), Bharat Bhavan (Bhopal) and Vivechana Rang Mandal (Jabalpur) etc.

Madhya Pradesh Folk Theatres:


Bundeli Swang :

This is traditional art form. Swang means  change of getup for play and perform other character. This is done mostly in the Bundelkhand and it is populated there as well as India by the name Rai Folk Dance.


Folk drama of Bundelkhand, which consist with dance and song.


Famous folk art of Nimar divison, having lots of entertainment with social or cultural message. This is celebrated at the time of Holi festival, Navratri and Gangaur.

Khamb Swang :

This is a dance and drama devoted for “Lord  Megnad”.  This folk mostly done by the Korka tribes of Madhya Pradesh. The swang is performed around the pillar(khamb).


The traditional art form of folk theater of Malwa region. This is the complete only drama of Malwa as well as Madhya Pradesh. This is mostly based on various mythological, religious and social themes.


This is drama art form Saharia tribe of Gwalior region. The drama starts with prayers of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Maa Saraswati with folk songs and dance. This is mostly done for entertainment with create awareness and social issues message.



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