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Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Indore

Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Indore also known as E-cell is committed to encouraging, motivating and crystallizing new and innovative ideas from the campus. The primary motive for the existence of E-cell is to motivate participants towards the path of entrepreneurship by facilitating a channel of valuable resources using which they can develop their ideas into effective business plans

Most of the students coming to IIM Indore have given up high profile jobs and successful careers in the industry to pursue bigger dreams and ambitions. The students share a spirit of enterprise, wanting to ‘create’ and ‘change’, rather than just ‘manage’. Indeed, the Entrepreneurship Club itself is a classic manifestation of this entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurship cell runs an incubation unit to nurture and develop innovative ideas of people within or outside IIM Indore. The incubation unit helps in the initial phases of the start-up. Though the incubation unit may not “fund” the start-up, the club helps in finding VCs and investors who would be ready to provide monetary support and take the start-up into the expansion phase

Following are the some of the main activities of E-cell,

1Consulting for small businesses

2Start Up weekends


4Industrial Visits

5Entrepreneurship summit

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