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Global Investors Summit 2014 – Defining The Glorious Future Of Madhya Pradesh

Government of Madhya Pradesh is hosting Global Investors Summit 2014 on 8th, 9th & 10th October 2014 at Indore

To offer impulse to crucial co-operation and knowledge transition from across the world, Government of Madhya Pradesh rolls out the agenda for Investors Summit. Global Investors Summit 2014, is categorically another chapter of the much sought-after business event, held during the month of October and November. Further the event has emerged as a classic mention of economical accomplishments as well as an able model of idealistic advent by the State Government. Extent of the summit’s avant-garde impact can be determined from the fact that countries like; Canada, South Africa, USA, Japan and several partnering countries are looking forward to attend the event. Global Investors Summit 2012 had witnessed fifteen partner states, 15 Partner States, 1300 MSME Delegates, 850 MSMEs, 10 Sector Seminar as well as 2200 Delegates. It wont be wrong to cite that economy of the state is majorly dependent upon its huge natural base. Few prime industrial segments in Madhya Pradesh that have real potential to draw an array of foreign investments comprises are the cement industry, information technology and food processing industry. Global Investors Summit intends to highlight an enormous scope for investments in Agro-business, healthcare, IT/ITes, Automobile and Engineering, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Urban Development, Handloom and Textile Technical Education and Skill Development

Madhya Pradesh is popular for preserving its eminent position in India by facilitating various private organizations that are operating here since years including different segments like mining and cement industry. The prime acumen why these firms have their roots in Madhya Pradesh is the bountiful supply of talent pool with paramount excellence. Apart from this a pro-motive business initiative and adequate water and electricity supply are some of the factors responsible for industrial growth in the state. Several investors have come to an understanding that Madhya Pradesh has emerged as an ideal harbor for business investments and that they are only to benefit by investing here. The summit exhibits certain advantageous attributes for venturing in this state like; sound aggressive and tolerant administrative mechanism. Its simple to understand the transparent investment policies and richness of Madhya Pradesh with regards to the abundance it has in the form of natural resource pool. Besides supplying extremely competitive human resources investors will be glad see themselves in a positive, harmonious and favorable environment. Unshakable industrial structure; distinct agricultural framework backed by strong inter and intra transport scheme and extensive market defined by huge customer base gives all possible reasons to invest in Madhya Pradesh

Recognized for its top-notch telecommunication system, the state is well accessible by different transport means like airways, roadways and railways. Through the investor summit the government desires to take a step ahead and declare several industrial procedures with the goal to draw major new investments and contribute to the growth and progress of it and boost economic development of India. Investor -friendly procedures will be rolled out with the aim to attract companies from across the globe to venture. Global Investors Summit 2014 besides witnessing a staggering investment inflow will see proposals being signed and strategic partnership being developed in the areas of Education, Information Technology, Research and Development etc. Event will also acts as a stage for noted diplomats and business champions to showcase their unanimity with Madhya Pradesh. Overall it aims to provide huge prospects to all its international and domestic participants by enabling them to exhibit their progress, initiatives and ability. Core fields for growth identified during the event will include optimum networking, development of youth skill, sustainability knowledge transmission and innovation. Themed seminars, conferences, panel reviews, discussion forums, exhibitions and range of networking arrangements will be few of attractions

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