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Interview with Classical Singer & Music Guru Gautam Kale of Sangeet Gurukul from Indore

madhyaindia.com Team meets Classical Singer & Music Guru Gautam Kale of Sangeet Gurukul from Indore

madhyaindia.com: Please tell us about your Childhood, School & College Days ?

Gautam Kale: I was always a normal child, I am second child of my parents, my elder brother was always fascinated towards me, because of my childhood actions. For me he is brother I need is a brother indeed. We share a priceless relationship. My father is a veterinary doctor and mother is a house wife. But yes my family reserved the power of Music and Literature. My grandfather was superintendent central excise and a poet too and my grandmother was a house maker but loved to sing and learnt basics of music. My father of course a multi-talented person as he is a Tabla Player, singer & expert horse rider

My parents kept me busy in couple of activities like horse riding & music. I started learning music from my father when I was 3 years old and started horse riding when I was 4.5 years old. I used to be on ground at 5.00 am in the morning after riding for one hour & 30 minutes. One of the subordinate of my father used to drop me to my house on his bicycle then I used to go to my school and then after coming back home work and music lessons

This continued for few years and I emerged as a youngest horse rider of the nation. Simultaneously I was also taking music lessons very seriously

School friends always said why do you sing classical instead of some trendy numbers, but my inclination was always towards Indian classical form[/label]

madhyaindia.com: When & How you came into Music ?
Gautam Kale: During college days I got a chance to attend concert of Pt. Jasraj ji . I was totally mesmerized and decided if I get a chance I will take lessons from Pt. Jasraj ji. Meeting maestro was not easy but yes finally got a chance to meet him and my training started. By the time I could take one to one lessons from Pt. Jasraj ji  I was lucky to get a mentor who could answer all my questions and gave me very important tips Vidushi Kalpana Zokarkar ji

Participated in many inter collegiate competition and gradually organisers started inviting me for live concerts and from 2009 I started teaching music


madhyaindia.com: What “Sangeet Gurukul” is all about ?
Gautam Kale: Sangeet Gurukul is a pioneer institute for profound music lovers and learners.We offer state-of-the-art- facilities which help the students to enrich and polish their skills

The Gurukul looks forward to restore our years old esteemed tradition of Indian classical music and pass it on to the coming generations. Sangeet gurukul is known for its unique style of teaching. Teaching pattern is designed intentionaly to make learning classical music more interesting, so that this legacy reach to world intact with all its values

Its a place where classical music is becoming attraction for future generation and lot of youth taking interest in it. Students absorb music not only through direct sessions but also through environment we maintain. We believe in comprehensive understanding about music through reading listening and visualising for broader perspective of it, so that one can work on its own creativity and come out with much more innovative concepts. All this is possible only through its unique style of teaching

We provide various platforms to showcase student’s talent, which give boost to their confidence, eventually which reflects in their performances

madhyaindia.com: How a Person can make Music as a Career & How “Sangeet Gurukul” can help ?

Gautam Kale: There was a time when music was treated as a neglected field as far as career is concerned, but now the world has changed and art is one of the most desired option of youth

Music as a career is very glamorous nowadays but the way to success is as similar as any other stream for example management or engineering because if we see the years to complete the education, including schooling i.e. from class 1 to class 12, then UG & PG all together takes 5 years on total 17 years of hard work results to any degree, after which you can enter in a decent professional world, but again success is not guaranteed. Similarly if someone wants to become musician he should spend minimum 10 years in learning from a knowledgeable guru and then start professional career

As far as Sangeet Gurukul is concerned we always try to create performers as music is a performing art it needs performing etiquettes with learning. So we first teach music to our students, then we organize programs for our students where we invite organizers and listeners so a student gets an exposure and  then they are invited to perform in different organization. We also supports a student to create his own profile by making audio video clips uploading it on youtube, sending it to different music directors etc. This methodology is a mixture of traditional techniques and modern implementation

madhyaindia.com: Tell us about different “Music Gharanas” of Madhya Pradesh

Gautam Kale: As a matter of fact that I have not learnt under any of these Gharanas I will not be able to comment much on Music Gharanas of Madhya Pradesh

madhyaindia.com: What is essence of Music from Madhya Pradesh ?

Gautam Kale: Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand

madhyaindia.com: Tell us about your “Vande Matram Indore” Initiative

Gautam Kale: Sangeet Gurukul is known for its unique style of teaching and creativity. Imparting music to so many youth and upcoming generation, Sangeet Gurukul realized that musician can create lot of difference in their own way in the society. Realizing our social responsibility Sangeet Gurukul keep organizing various activities. Vande Matram drive is one of those activities. It’s a video made by Sangeet Gurukul Team, and is available on youtube as “Vande Matram drive by Sangeel Gurukul” in which most of the respected dignitaries of Indore city supported us by singing this national song in their own voices. An initiative to revive our national song with correct lyrics, which was getting vague in today’s generation. It came out as an huge success and highly appreciated

madhyaindia.com: Thanks Gautam “Sir” for your time

Gautam Kale: Thanks madhyaindia.com Team

For more information on Classical Singer Gautam Kale please visit http://www.singergautamkale.com/ & for more information on Sangeet Gurukul please visit http://www.sangeetgurukul.com/

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