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Interview with Radek Kucharski – The Geographer, Traveler, Photographer and Tour Leader

MadhyaIndia.com team meets Radek Kucharski who is a geographer and passionately studied about mountains,glaciers,waters,soils,climate,geology etc. Radek Kucharski also a traveler, photographer and Tour Leader

madhyaindia.com: Please tell something about yourself ( Education, Grownup days )

Radek Kucharski: I was born, grew up and I live in Warsaw, Poland. I’m a geographer who passionately studied about mountains, glaciers, waters, soils, climate, geology, etc. – different aspects of the environment – as well as about people and various countries. I’m a traveler by hobby, love and addiction as well as profession, as I do the tour leader and tourist guide job. I’m an Indiaholic who travelled in the country 13 years ago for the first time and hardly goes anywhere else ever since. I’m a passionate mountain trekker and the author of “Trekking in Ladakh” guidebook recently published by Cicerone Press (http://www.cicerone.co.uk/product/detail.cfm/book/675/title/trekking-in-ladakh)

madhyaindia.com: How you started Photography ?

Radek Kucharski: My grandfather used to take me to his darkroom when I was 12 or so. I was doing a lot of B&W photos developing them myself while in late classes of the primary school and when I was in my high school. I started the travel photography with my Canon EOS and Fuji Diapositive films in late 90-ties and early 2000s. Then I had a great time with my Canon F-1 analogue camera and some excellent lenses. Some of my best mountain landscape photos and portraits were shot with this old camera. Unwillingly, I switched to digital just two years ago

madhyaindia.com: How you started Professional Photography ?

Radek Kucharski: I’m not really a professional photographer. I do not live on photography. Since my first travel I do work  with a stock agency and try to sell the photos as illustrations but the photographs were mostly published with my travel writings or served during my presentations or lectures. I’m starting with the microstocks these days


madhyaindia.com: What type of Photography Projects you undertake ?

Radek Kucharski: The first reason to photograph is always the pleasure I have trying to capture something that interests me or impresses me. When I’m on my own in a new city I walk first with my camera hidden at the bottom of my bag. I search for interesting places and think about the light and the time of the day to photograph them. Then I photograph them on the following days. In the mountains, while on a trek, I stop to photograph many times on the way, particularly during early hours of the day and in late afternoons


madhyaindia.com: What type of Photography Projects you did in Madhya Pradesh ?

Radek Kucharski: I visit MP once or twice a year guiding small tourist groups from Poland here. Besides Khajuraho which is an obvious destination, I’m usually in the Panna Reserve and in Orchha. I can’t really devote myself to photography during these trips but I always try to take an opportunity of photographing something new, from a new perspective or in a new light. Hope to go for a private trip to Sanchi next winter


madhyaindia.com: Please tell us about Awards & Achievements you Photography received ?

Radek Kucharski: I didn’t receive any awards for photography. Frankly, I rarely – if ever – participate in any competition. I received a prize for my presentation of photos once but that was a local thing although an important to me. My photos of Ladakh were published in my guidebook to the region by the prestigious British publisher – till now, this is what I consider my highest achievement in photography as well as writing and anything related to travelling in general

madhyaindia.com: Do you also teach Photography ?

Radek Kucharski: No

madhyaindia.com: What other things you like to do except Photography ?

Radek Kucharski: Travel as well as mountain hiking and trekking are my passions. Photography is almost entirely related with them

madhyaindia.com: Please tell us about your experience with people of Madhya Pradesh ?

Radek Kucharski: My relation with MP people is mostly the relation with people working in tourism – guesthouse as well as restaurants managers and owners, guides, drivers and so on. It is also almost completely limited to Orchha and Khajuraho. I like those places partly because of the people’s hospitality. I’m always happy to be here

madhyaindia.com: Any message you like to give People of Madhya Pradesh via madhyaindia.com

Radek Kucharski: You’ve got excellent monuments in Madhya Pradesh and beautiful nature reserves. Please protect them as these are your treasures!.  Waste management should be improved, I think, and this should be done quickly. Please, respect tourists as they may be your long time source of incomes. This may sometimes mean giving up a fast benefit for the case of longer relation or good impression about the region. This also mean letting the people to travel, visit the monuments and shop according to their choice and not disturbing them on every corner which is often the case in popular places

madhyaindia.com: Thanks for your time Radek Kucharski

Radek Kucharski: Thanks to madhyaindia.com team for the Interview

For more information on Radek Kucharski visit www.radekkucharski.com

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