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Madhya Pradesh – The Most Developing State of India

Madhya Pradesh is the second biggest and the most developing state situated in Central India. There are many things that make this state a popular destination such as scenic beauty, diverse wildlife, elegant monuments and exquisite culture. Due to its geographic location, it is also called as the Heart of India. This state borders Chhattisgarh in the south-east, Gujarat in the west, Uttar Pradesh in the north-east, Rajasthan in the north-west and Maharashtra in the south. According to official statistics, Madhya Pradesh is emerged as the top and growing state of India this financial year in terms economic development. This state is home for the huge number of Scheduled Tribes. The tribal population is seen mostly in and around forest area of this state. The eastern part of this state is home for wildlife sanctuaries such as Kanha and Bandavgarh. The northern part is popular for Khajuraho temples. Furthermore, the south-western part of this state provides numerous historically prominent monuments such as Citadels of Mandav and Buddhist Stupa of Sanchi

Madhya Pradesh is home for cultural heritage of Islam, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. One will be amazed to see beautifully carved temples and the natural beauty of this state. Splendid mountain ranges, dense forests provide ideal panorama of wildlife. The tourism industry of this state is greatly flourished. This state got numerous awards at the for best tourism industry. A few factors and recession hit Bihar this year whereas; Madhya Pradesh has shown nearly 10 percent growth rate. Madhya Pradesh fared well by expanding its GDP to Rs 2, 21463 Crore this year from Rs 2, 01,290 Crore last year. Growth rate for every capita profit is also unsatisfactory. In comparison, both Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand have seen great income increase for every capita by more than Rs 2,000

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