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Mandav – City of Joy

Mandav (a.k.a. Mandu) – “City of Joy” is one of the world heritage sites fully dived in to love stories of ancient times of Prince Bajbahadur and Queen Rupmati. It is settled by this forever love stories. It has an ancient touch something of Islamic Architecture and of course and Indian touch


Mandav have 9 ancient architectural sites one of its is “Rupmati ka mandap”. It is covered with four sided wall made by first ruler of Mandav.One of its is Khan’s tomb Hathi Mahal

If you are planning a tour to Madhya Pradesh you can see some beautiful architecture in there original form when you land up in the state Mandu where Hathi Mahal located its incredible as well as its listed in world heritage site. Dariya Khan and its ancestors ruled over Mandav


Dariya khan who made this hathi mahal ruled in 15th A.D. to 1526 A.D. Its art and architecture is square shape supported by enormous arches the four small houses for little domes and a main tomb in the center part of the hathi mahal its exhibited fine


Mandu is also known as Mandav Garh located in Dhar district and as Gods price to the great Malwa Plateau of Madhya Pradesh. Great Kingdom of many milestone rulers and love stories. It is a subdivision of “Tarangagadh”. Mandu is available in Sanskrit inscription tells greatness of Mandu. Mandu was a well fortified city in 6th century B.C. when the inventions were on the roof it gained prominence under the Parmar rulers who controlled its smashing away by Shamshuddin Khilchi. Mandav was earlier known as Shadiyabad “Anand-ki-nagari”



madhyaindia.com Team visited Mandav in Feburary 2015 to explore The City of Joy


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