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Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat near Jabalpur

Bhedaghat is one of the famous tourist places located near Jabalpur. One can reach this spot easily by road. It is a must visit tourist destination of Jabalpur. While doing sightseeing in Jabalpur, people often visit Bhedaghat first. Tourists enjoy doing boating in between erected marble rocks. Different colors are seen of Marble rocks such as blue, white and pink. One can even obtain tiny marble show pieces at affordable cost in rural market. Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat is spot only at the distance of 23 kms from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The tranquil beauty of the view is great. One can even enjoy the view of sunlight sparkling on the marble-white pinnacles. Another majestic view to enjoy is black and green volcanic seams other than white rocks. A number of Bollywood films were shot in Bhedaghat

The sun touches highest point of the marble rocks for revealing a mystic beauty. The moon is also not covering far behind; marbles seem to glitter in the moonlight too. Marble rocks are wonders of nature and amaze everyone comes here. One will also be amazed by seeing the river flowing through such magnificent white stones. So, what are you waiting for? Come here and take an unforgettable experience of scenic beauty. These marble rocks are the only of its type in Bhedaghat and in India. Such rocks soar elevated up to almost 30 mt. Such marvelous rocks are a fantastic treat to one’s eyes be it a day or night. The best time to visit Marble rocks spot is from November to May. One can enjoy here boating too. While doing boating, you should not miss a view of mountainous rocks get closer to each other at the point called Monkey’s Leap. A few other exciting rock formations are the horns of a cow, Horse’s footprints and a deer

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