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Pachmarhi is the famous hill station in Madhya Pradesh, also known for the Pachmarhi Cantonment.It is widely known as Satpura ki Rani,situated at height of 1100 m in a valley of the Satpura Range in Hoshangabad district

Pachmarhi offers a variety of attractions ranging from ancient caves to beautiful monuments.The single hill station in Madhya Pradesh,It is a large flat terrain circled by the snooty knolls of the Satpura Range

In the Pachmarhi hill station Various Falls are there,Bee Fall,Apsara Fall,Silver Fall,Duchess Fall are beautiful Falls in The Satpura Range.
It is a popular tourist retreat.Tourist visit Pachmarhi throughout the has also a lot of cave paintings in the forest,some of which have been estimated to be as much as 10,000 years old

There are plenty of reasons to visit Pachmarhi.some of Pachmarhi Sightseeing spots are-

Pandav Caves                Rajat Prapat
Jatashankar                    Handi Khoh
Satpura National Park    Apsara Fall
Duchess Fall                  Reechgarh
Bada Mahadev               Gupt Mahadev
Dhupgarh                       Bada Mahadev
Chauragarh.                   Rajendra Giri

It is well connected from Bhopal and Indore.Buses start from Habibganj ISBT of Bhopal and generally take close 5-6 hours to reach Pachmarhi.The buses passes through different towns like Hoshangabad,Babai,Sohagpur and Pipariya.Pipariya is the nearest Railhead

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