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Rising Litera – A wonderful community of Readers and Writers

madhyaindia.com Team meets founders of wonderful community called “Rising Litera” which is build around Readers and Writers

madhyaindia.com: What “Rising Litera” is all about ?

Neha Joshi: It is a community of readers, writers and people who are passionate about arts and culture. “Rising Litera” members consist of an eclectic mix of professionals in the field of literature, social media strategists, bloggers, photographers, artists, poets, writers and even those who are pursuing other professions but in parallax are pursuing reading and writing too

madhyaindia.com: How idea about “Rising Litera” came to your mind ?

Neha Joshi: I always loved reading as far as I remember and after relocating to Indore, managing family, kid and a job; I felt something missing in my life. I formed a Whatsapp group adding a few friends who were into reading and their talks motivated me to pick up books again! That’s when I realized the power of reading, writing, arts and culture and putting them together, formed the community

madhyaindia.com: Who are People behind “Rising Litera” ? Are they working full time on “Rising Litera” or Part time ?

Neha Joshi: At present there are 3 core members. We devote as much time as possible, apart from our professional duties, for the growth of “Rising Litera”. The members are:

  • Neha Joshi – Software Professional and Founder of “Rising Litera”
  • Irfan Ali Sehorewala – Management Student and Chief Editor at “Rising Litera”
  • Saharsh Goyal – Engineering Student and Technical Head at “Rising Litera”
madhyaindia.com: What are activities & events at “Rising Litera” ?
Neha Joshi:

We organize following activities and events on regular basis:

  1. Publish monthly theme based E-Magazine
  2. Organize monthly meetups
  3. Literary story writing or poetry writing activities
  4. Conduct Book Launches and Author Interviews
  5. Review Books



madhyaindia.com: Do you people organise workshops for budding writers ?

Neha Joshi: We regularly hold meetups wherein we interact with budding authors and bloggers. Through our magazine we do provide a publishing platform for aspiring writers. In October 2015, we conducted a two day workshop, “The Writers Perspective” where eminent writers like Neil D’Silva, Brajesh Kanungo, Dr. Khushboo Pandya were guest speakers. The workshops’ aim was to provide guidance and motivation to young writers. Also we organized a story telling festival in March 2016

madhyaindia.com: Do “Rising Litera” is restricted to English only ?

Neha Joshi: Not at all. We accept submissions in English as well Hindi

madhyaindia.com: Thanks Neha for your time

Neha Joshi: Thanks madhyaindia.com Team

For more information on “Rising Litera” please visit https://risinglitera.com

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