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The Tiger Safari – Startup in Travel & Adventure Space from Madhya Pradesh

madhyaIndia.com team meets Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal of “The Tiger Safari”.¬†Both had a passion for Wildlife & Photography which they transformed into a Startup

A wildlife photographer by profession, One of the the founder & creative ideology behind tiger safari, he is a photographer by profession. His work of wildlife photography has been accredited in almost all the wildlife magazines newspapers and dailies. He is behind the creative force of The Tiger Safari, which helps in planning and implementing new ideas. He is one of the best wildlife photographers in India. His passion & knowledge for tigers is well known and unsurpassed, and has been doing active photography for 8 years. He is also the brand ambassador for one Electronics Supermarket brand

Stockbroker by profession, he is also one of the founding members of the creative ideology behind The¬†Tiger Safari. Wildlife photography comes under his passion and in order to keep his passion alive he takes to wildlife photography every Saturday and Sunday. A stock broker by profession, he has huge potential and knowledge about the Royal Bengal Tigers, he has worked over 8 years, capturing the moves of the felines into his camera every time. Besides, he is also associated with several NGO’s that are working to support the cause of preserving the depleting number of tigers

madhyaindia.com: What is The Tiger Safari all about ?
Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal: The Tiger Safari is all about personalized experience, be it family trip, a photographic trip or a core wildlife trip. The Tiger Safari will look after each and every aspect of the tour my making you aware of the minutest details of the wilderness. Both mind wise and money wise, the tiger safari is the best and the most appropriate choice, whether alone or in group, when on a wildlife tour in India, or out on a spree for bird watching etc.Tiger safari fetches you the advantage that you are accompanied with seasoned travelers and wildlife photographers who have tried their hands and expertise in the Indian Jungles plentifully. The Tiger Safari makes your wildlife tour worth remembered and comes at a very reasonable price

madhyaindia.com: How Idea to start this business came ?
Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal: Well, this is one of the most interesting thing. Akash and me, met through facebook and thereafter we had a brief meeting in Bandhavgarh couple of times at the gate. We both had a passion for wildlife and tigers, and wanted to do something for conservation and protection, and also wanted to get involve in our passion that is Wildlife photography. So after about 2 years when we first met we decided to start a company that will promote eco-tourism and conservation by means of educating people about how precious is wildlife to us and its value in terms of ecosystem. The Tiger Safari has completed 2 years now, and the foundation on which it was started is growing and many people are now joining us

madhyaindia.com: Is this a Passion to Business or Business to Passion ?

Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal: We both had a passion for wildlife and Photography, so that is what actually led us both to start this business

madhyaindia.com: Do you have prior experience in Business or Startup ?

Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal:  I am (Saptarishi Saigal) into stockbroking since 2005, I am the only person who has some experience of doing business

madhyaindia.com: Tell us your Story from Idea to Startup

Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal: As I have mentioned before we both have the passion for wildlife and photography, and we wanted to be more involved in wildlife and wanted to photograph more and more tigers, and wanted to something to protect the tiger and wildlife. Akash was free after his engineering and was planning to do some business. I was having my own stock broking business. For pursuing our passion we had 2 options either to do what ever we were doing and earn from it and spend on our passion or to earn from our passion by the way of doing business. Plus we both wanted to get involve in it more and more, so this is how it all started

madhyaindia.com: What is The Tiger Safari different from your competitors ?

Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal: I would say we are really different from traditional tour operators, because we provide you with the personalized experience, our naturalist will not let you miss anything in the wilderness, be it a smallest insect or a biggest elephant, we will provide you with the minutest details of everything you see. Not just that, we design the itinerary in such a way the the trips don’t cost much keeping in mind the luxury and comfort. Plus we offer large number of accommodation option from budget to 5 star, suiting ones need under single roof. What stands us out of others is our in-depth knowledge of Jungle and animals

madhyaindia.com: What do you think about Starting Business in Madhya Pradesh ?

Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal: Madhya Pradesh has a huge potential in terms of starting new businesses. Be it any field, Madhya Pradesh is relatively a growing state in terms of industrialization and corporatization. Huge business houses have shown interest in Madhya Pradesh for doing business and this opens a new horizon for new bees to start their own businesses

madhyaindia.com: Thanks for your time Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal

Akash Nagar & Saptarishi Saigal: Thanks to madhyaindia.com Team for the Interview

For more information on The Tiger Safari visit http://www.thetigersafari.com


  1. Faizan Khan Reply

    Superb ! I have been traveling with these people from last 2 years. Their hospitality, tour management and their field knowledge is very impressive.

    All the best !

  2. Amresh Mishra Reply

    For me The Tiger Safari is not just a company, it’s a family who not only knows what you want but also care in a way you like it most. They have been helping me from last 2 years and my experience is not just good but wonderful. I will strongly recommend if i have to..

    Good luck, you rock..!

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