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TheKabadiwala.com – Intend to help out busy people to throw away and get money for their pile of Scrap

madhyaindia.com team meets Anurag Asati who started thekabadiwala.com. He is Software Engineer by Profession. Here is interview of Anurag Asati with madhyaindia.com team where he tells his interesting journey of thekabadiwala.com from Idea to a Startup

madhyaindia.com: What “The Kabadiwala: http://thekabadiwala.com” is all about ?
Anurag Asati: The Kabadiwala is doorstep service intends to help out busy people to sell their house hold junk like old newspaper and scrap material etc. The kabadiwala is here to solve the problem of the unorganized sector of the country i.e dealing with waste or scrap material. We are here to with the motto Go Green Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. Online kabadiwala, Sell your house hold junk like Newspaper, iron, plastic, books, copies etc and get paid for it. The Kabadiwala is a platform which is environment friendly service, we recycle what you sell


madhyaindia.com: How Idea to start this Business came ?
Anurag Asati: One day I was asked to get a kabadiwala home to collect some newspapers. I couldn’t find one because I did not know any near by. That’s when I thought – wouldn’t it be great if this whole process was just a phone call away? or better yet, book online at my convenience?

madhyaindia.com: Is this a Passion to Business or Business to Passion ?
Anurag Asati: Its in my blood to do business and i am very much passionate about it too, but apart from that business factor i want to do something which would be helpful for the nation. This is not just a business this is a service which may play a huge role in the field of go green concept and eco-friendly services. “Passion is just a word for this, I am mad about it”

madhyaindia.com: Can you please tell us little Background of Founders ?
Anurag Asati: I (Anurag Asati) started thekabadiwala.com under Mr. Kavindra Raghuwanshi mentorship. Our team running this service apart from our in-house pickup boys. I done engineering in IT branch, and started this thekabadiwala in the year of 2013, where as Mr. Kavindra Raghuwanshi is the professor in the college


madhyaindia.com: Do you have prior experience in Business or Startup ?
Anurag Asati: I have been part of my family business and have seen many other too, but this is my very own first startup so you may say that i am beginner for this, but not really

madhyaindia.com: Tell us your Story from Idea to Startup ?
Anurag Asati: As i mentioned earlier its all started with day I was asked to get a kabadiwala home to collect some newspapers. After that i started working on this, and met so may kabadiwala’s, try to gather whole information regarding waste material and recycling, so i took this on other way and have a goal of recycling waste/scrap material. Then tried to contact local kabadiwala to get their numbers and contact them accordingly. But that’s proven to be too complicated so i decided to create my own in-house team so that request can be handle accordingly

madhyaindia.com: How is “The Kabadiwala: http://thekabadiwala.com” different from competitors ?
Anurag Asati:  We are different in many ways:

1We are using electronic weight machine

2We are providing this service 24*7 according to the requirement of the user or the preferred time

3We are paying more then anyone does

4We are authorized organization

5We are providing well educated pick-up boys and well dressed..

6We do not cheat customers. We provide electronic weight machine

7 We can also pick Kabaad in large

Approach to solve the problem:

User/Customer just have to submit a online request or send a message.We will send a employee to collect that waste material and user get paid for it. We have Electronic Weight Machine so that the waste material or house hold junk material can be weighted very fairly and as per the rate list user/customer get paid. When we get the request, we will contact that User with in 24 hr and send Kabadiwala (Pick-Up Boy) on the preferred time given by user. After request get completed we again make a feedback call Recycling Process

madhyaindia.com: What do you think about Starting Business in Madhya Pradesh ?
Anurag Asati: As i belong from MP so it is but obvious for me that i should have to start this from MP

madhyaindia.com: Thanks Anurag Asati for your Time and All the Best for Success of theKabadiwala.com
Anurag Asati: Thanks madhyaindia.com Team

If you are a Angel Investor or Venture Capital(VC) firm and like to invest in The Kabadiwala please contact them directly via email at thekabadiwala  at gmail.com

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